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by | Mar 31, 2020

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CBD is everywhere. Ever since it exploded in popularity, CBD products have been popping up in even the most unlikely places. So, why has this new cannabis product gained so much notoriety? What can CBD actually do?

First, unlike marijuana, CBD does not get you high. By definition, CBD comes from industrial hemp, not marijuana. The hemp used to make CBD products contains less that 0.3% THC, the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. However, CBD does contain does contain other chemicals, called cannabidiols, that are attributed to some of marijuana’s medicinal properties.

So, CBD provides numerous natural health benefits. Since the use of CBD is relatively new, some of these benefits aren’t well studied or understood. Others are, and there’s a common conscientious among users about them. There also isn’t much of a downside with CBD. Unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD is entirely natural and doesn’t come with a boatload of potential side effects. Most often, it just makes you feel tired.

Pain Relief

One of the most common benefits of CBD that you’ll find kicked around is its capacity for pain relief. With professional athletes singing its praises, how could CBD not be effective for everyday aches and pains?

Well, CBD is actually an excellent natural pain reliever. Many over the counter pain relievers work by decreasing inflammation. That’s why they’re referred to as anit-inflammatories. CBD works the same way. It’s proven to reduce inflammation and pain along with it.

CBD also contains other chemicals and has other ways of relieving pain. Because the approach to pain relief is multifaceted, it’s more likely to be effective than many other options.

This is true no matter how you take the CBD, whether it’s oils, gummies, or topical creams and balms. If you’re looking for localized pain relief for a sore joint, the localized options are probably going to be better. If you have a headache, go with an oil, gummies, or flower.

Fight Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Anxiety and other anxiety disorders, depression, and even general everyday stress are all far too common. People try different ways to fight them, mainly because the traditional prescribed methods are loaded with nasty side effects. Now, studies have shown that CBD works great to minimize anxiety, stress, and depression naturally.

The science behind it is all pretty technical, but the theory is that cannabidiol helps to block the chemical signals for anxiety while helping keep the ones for positive emotions around. It’s similar to the way pharmaceutical treatments work, except it doesn’t negatively impact other things, causing all the awful side effects.

Since CBD is natural, legal, and doesn’t have much of a downside, other than tiredness, there’s no reason not to give it a shot to help with stress and depression.

Reduces Inflammation

This one is tied to CBD’s pain relieving properties, but relieving pain isn’t the only thing fighting inflammation is good for. Reducing inflammation also helps injuries heal and generally makes you feel more comfortable.

It doesn’t just apply to injuries either. CBD is thought to help with irritation and inflammation from arthritis and autoimmune diseases too. So, for seniors and people with old injuries that still cause discomfort, CBD is an excellent option. It’s also a good way to fight other medical conditions that cause chronic inflammation, like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Boosts Appetite and Curbs Nausea

People have been making jokes about marijuana making people hungry forever, but it’s more than just a cheap laugh about making a giant sandwich at 2AM. Cannabis does have a property that boost appetite and suppresses feelings of nausea.

Sure, it’s true of marijuana, but it’s also true of CBD. That’s why CBD may help in fighting some eating disorders and boosting the appetites of people suffering from other medical conditions.

Aids in Sleep

The most common CBD side effect is tiredness. That’s actually not entirely true. One of the common effects of CBD is sleepiness. There are a few ways that this one works, but it helps fight everything from general sleeplessness to full blown insomnia.

By fighting anxiety, CBD also stops you from turning over and over your concerns for the next day as you lay there in bed trying to fall asleep. It helps you to stop obsessing and just relax.

Studies also suggest that CBD has other properties that also help aid natural sleep cycles. CBD will help retain the natural sleep rhythms already there in the brain, as well as reducing anxiety and depending on the strain, making you plain old tired.

Battles Cancer

First, Cannabis, including CBD, is proven to help alleviate the symptoms associated with cancer treatments. This is nothing new, since it’s one of the primary reasons why medical marijuana is prescribed.

Even newer research suggests that cannabis may actually fight the spread of cancer itself, rather than just treating the symptoms. In studies, cannabis was able to halt the spread of cancer and stop tumor growth. It also may be able to aid the body’s immune system in destroying existing cancerous cells. This is all very early in research, and no one is suggesting that cannabis can replace traditional cancer treatments, just supplement them. Time will tell, there.

Decreases Acne

CBD battles acne in a few ways. First those omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with the other natural oils found in CBD help naturally hydrate skin and provide key nutrients. The combination will aid in maintaining healthy and balanced skin that’s less susceptible to the conditions that usually cause acne.

Studies also suggest that CBD may also stop the glands that produce the natural oils on your skin from creating an excess. The overproduction of oil in skin is one of the top causes of acne, so regulating it this way could prove an invaluable treatment option.

Protects Your Nervous System

CBD is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants do a lot of good within the body, including protecting the nervous system. Studies are beginning to show that CBD and the antioxidants that come with it may help to slow the progress of diseases that effect the nervous system, like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and multiple sclerosis.

The science here is still very new, but preliminary results and personal accounts seem promising. Like many of the other points on this list, CBD is so promising because it’s natural and free from so many of the drawbacks that come from pharmaceutical treatments. That also means that CBD can likely be used in conjunction with those more traditional options.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

As unlikely as it may seem, CBD has actually been shown in studies to lower the risk of diabetes. It isn’t entirely clear how it works just yet, but the evidence is fairly clear.

CBD the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are proven to fight cholesterol, which also plays a role in reducing the risk for diabetes.

Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Finally, CBD helps to prevent heart disease. This one’s more of a combination of the other properties of CBD, but they come together in a big way to promote heart health.

Because CBD both decreases stress and lowers blood pressure, it reduces the continued strain that they place on the heart. Stress is a major factor in both high blood pressure and heart disease. Lowering it, therefore, has significant benefits.

The omega fatty acids present in CBD also play a role in lowering cholesterol. Cholesterol, along with inflammation, which CBD also alleviates, are major risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Lower cholesterol means less risk for blockages and less strain on the cardiovascular system as a whole.

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Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. When you click them and buy something, I may earn a small commission. They won’t ever cost you more money, and I’ll never try to push junk you don’t need to make a quick buck.

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